“Lisa – my family and I cannot thank you enough for all your thoughtful advice in Paris.
Though I have been to Paris a dozen times and worked at a French Bank, I could never have made our family trip as perfect as you did…
Lisa, I have stayed at most of the top hotels and none of the concierge services even come close to the care and detail you gave us.
I would say a ‘must do’ on the Paris list is to talk to you first!” – Sasha Murray

Paris is one of the most dynamic and romantic cities in the world.
However, sometimes planning your vacation to travel here can be a bit stressful – which is why it is essential to find the right person who understands exactly how you want your time to unfold on your vacation.

So, you do what you do best…you are the superwoman of stay-at-home mom’s, the CEO of a Fortune 500 company, the entrepreneur on the fast track up – and I will do what I do best: plan the vacation you have always dreamed of to the City of Light.

I look forward to helping you with your trip!


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Email: Lisa@yourparisexperience.com
In France on: +33 (0) In the UK on: +44 (0) 7584 472 515. Skype: Lisa.Buros-Hutchins

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