Hi Lisa,
We’re safely and happily back in the US, and I just wanted to follow-up about our activities. As I told you on the phone while we were still in Paris, the Behind the Scenes tour of the Eiffel Tower was wonderful, and Olivier was just fantastic. Every restaurant you recommended was perfection from the fabulous tables and service to the delicious food, especially at Le Grand Colbert on New Year’s Eve…over the top spectacular. And, of course, you know Margot is our new favourite! You can be assured I will advise all my friends when visiting Paris to call you for your expertise. In fact, my friend is visiting in June with her sisters and daughters so I’ll be sending your information her way.
Thank you for all the wonderful recommendations, Lisa. It is a trip we will always remember with great affection and happiness.
Terri Schultheis
Excerpt from the Your Paris Experience Facebook page:
We just returned from the most amazing holiday in France! Lisa Buros worked with us prior to our trip making suggestions and then coordinating our activities. I will tell you that all our plans were executed flawlessly! Our experience took us from Normandy to Champagne, the Paris Opera, a Grand Crus wine tasting and French cooking lessons.
Lisa was completely available throughout our trip which took a lot of the stress off of us. We feel as though we had the opportunity to really experience Paris and some of the countryside.
I highly recommend Your Paris Experience and Lisa Buros to all!
Mari Ellis
Dear Lisa,
We wanted to thank you for all your assistance in planning our trip to Paris. Everything you helped us put together went so smoothly and really enhanced our experience. The guides were terrific, the tours you recommended were enjoyed by our entire family and all the restaurant reservations were in place. We additionally appreciated your restaurant recommendations and tips about the neighbourhood.
I am pleased to recommend your service in the future.
With appreciation, merci mille fois,
Privacy Requested
Hello Lisa,
I hope all is well. We had a great time in Paris! Your itinerary was very thoughtful and well organised, so for most days we did all sorts of things, i.e. good balance. We found it was not easy to get taxis so we walked a lot. It turned out that the most enjoyable shopping experiences were found while exploring the neighbourhood on foot. Your suggestions about routes and different neighbourhoods was very helpful.
We had a great time in the Marais Sunday afternoon even though the weather was very grey and cold. Without your help we would not have experienced a lot of these streets and local scenes. The Raspail open market on Tuesday morning was another excellent suggestion. The seafood, vegetables and fruits were so fresh we bought as much as we could manage to carry. Everyone raved about the fresh quality and said we had not come across such quality in London or Shanghai.
All in all, thanks very much for organising such a wonderful itinerary and for providing tips for, for most of us, our first trip to Paris. We’ve done so much in one week and everyone got to see what they wanted to see.
Thanks again and best regards,
Dear Lisa,
Sadly, we bid Paris “adieu” last Thursday, and we have resumed our normal lives back home in California. We just wanted to tell you how much we enjoyed all your tours and restaurant recommendations.
Philippe Brimont was an exceptional guide, and made our visits to Normandy, Giverny and Champagne memories of a lifetime. He really is a student of history, and made the D-Day invasion come to life for us. His knowledge of the Champagne region, having been born there, is unsurpassed.
We very much enjoyed all the restaurants you recommended. Each time we presented ourselves, we were treated like VIP’s and given exceptional tables. You must have outstanding relationships with these establishments!
The two ‘Behind the Scenes’ tours you arranged were well worth the money and very interesting, especially the Eiffel Tower conducted by our budding opera singer guide, Guillaume.
In summary, we are so glad that we decided to use your Silver Concierge Service to enhance our trip to Paris. The value received for the Euro spent is a true value, especially considering the 1 1/2 hours you spent with us on our Skype call getting to know us and our likes and dislikes.
Thanks again. Maybe we’ll get to have that drink together someday, after all.
Au Revoir!
Ron & Marcia Cali
Saratoga, California

Terry & Karen Strobach
Sunnyvale, California

Bonjour Lisa,
I want to thank you again. The dinner cruise was a home run and the itinerary worked out great. We toured with Scott and he was great. All of us found our more of interest about the building, the Louvre, than we expected. We took Scott to lunch at Angelina’s and then walked down the famed rue St. Honore, which my wife, in particular loved.
Since I did my homework before coming to Paris, thanks to you, it was really quite fun and efficient. Don’t hesitate to use me as a reference.
Tim Rowley
Hi Lisa,
I just wanted to say thank you again for all the suggestions and help in our wine tastings, cooking class and driving services. O Chateau was amazing and incredibly informative. My husband and I ended up having a cafe with our sommelier after class and he recommended a ton of awesome places to eat, drink wine and party in Paris! Also, Jane from La Cuisine was a doll! My husband and I had a blast cooking and the food we cooked tasted incredible! And lastly, everyone from Victor’s cab service were friendly and were very prompt.
Overall we had an amazing time in Paris and are definitely looking to come back soon, this time with our three boys! So you can count on my contacting you for what to do in Paris with children!
Thank you again, Lisa! Take care,
Edna De Guia
Hi Lisa,
Home in Sydney again and glad we have the special memories of Paris to keep us going back at work.
From the moment we made contact with you the friendliness and the very personalized service has been fabulous. You really took the time to find out the types of things Alec and I were interested in whilst we were in Paris.
You went out of your way to help us plan very special experiences e.g. the private tour of the Eiffel Tower to celebrate our 30th wedding anniversary, the restaurants that you researched and booked for us, the wine tasting class where we gained a whole new respect for the culture and traditions behind French wine, and the fabulous day visiting produce places, markets and cooking with the wonderful Diane.
Thank you so much…you are just so wonderful!
Alec and Jenny Bashinsky
Sydney, Australia

Hi Lisa,
Thanks for all of your great help in planning our trip adventures. The tours of Versailles and the Louvre were very fun and informative. I have to say that the night bike tour with Fat Tire Bike Tours was probably the highlight for all of us. Your recommendation to do that early in the trip was a good idea.
Thanks again for the education you gave us prior to our travels. It went a long way to giving us a picture of what to expect and to reduce any anxieties we had about visiting a place with so much to see and do. Essentially you “shrunk” the city for us which was quite helpful for a family of five with three teenagers.
Thanks again, Lisa. Have a great summer!
Steve and Tracy Carlson
Bonjour Lisa!
I wanted to thank you for all your help in setting up our itinerary and reservations. We loved Paris and can now understand how she stole your heart!
The City Segway Tour was a blast and we were treated extra special since you made our reservation. Our dinner cruise on the Bateaux Parisiens was the absolute highlight with the Premier Service. Our table was front and center of the boat – everyone must experience this cruise at least once!
For your clients with iPhones, the Metro application is a must. Just put in a start point and end point and it tells you exactly what lines to take. We zipped around the metro like locals!
Hopefully we will be back to Paris in the near future. Until then, thank you for all your help – your expertise is priceless!
Missing Paris,
Mindy and Doug Mayor
Scottsdale, Arizona

Hello Lisa,
We really want to thank you again for all of your help. You were so patient and kind, and so knowledgeable!
Trish, our private Louvre guide, was great! You have fantastic contacts in Paris!! Chez Janou was close to our apartment and it was AMAZING! La Ciel de Paris on Saturday was gorgeous – the table was fantastic!
Thank you so much for all of your help! We had a fantastic time – and thanks to you – felt very comfortable in Paris!
Again, thank you so much – the trip was terrific!!
Mary Ann Stoffel
Hi Lisa,
Our private tour to Honfleur with Auralie was simply outstanding. She was warm, personal, quick to identify our interests and made sure she showed us both the obvious and things off the beaten path. We couldn’t recommend her highly enough.
Overall, we enjoyed our other tours immensely. Scott, Bubba and Jackson from Fat Tire Bike Tours were terrific, Trish from our private Louvre tour was outstanding. Everything went smoothly – trains to pick-ups, etc.
We couldn’t have been happier working with you – it was a real pleasure! I would refer you on in a heartbeat!
Best regards,
Caren and David G.
We arrived back in New York and want to thank you for helping to make our time in Paris such a wonderful one! We were very pleased with Le Christine. We got a nice table at La Ciel de Paris and the view was great, service decent – thought the food was only so-so (your other restaurants set such a high bar!). Overall, we were very pleased with the varied dining experiences you provided for us!
Dr. Steve Flynn
I wanted to let you know that the party really enjoyed the Paris trip and I wanted to thank you for all of your help and suggestions. The private yacht trip up the Seine was their particular favourite, but they loved the whole trip and it was a great success.
Kind regards,
Theresa Stafford
William Blair International, Limited

Hi Lisa,
We had such a wonderful time! All of the arrangements you made for us were great! The apartment worked out very well for us, good location. My favourite dinner was La Cordonnerie, Dave’s was Le Coupe Chou.
We’d love to come back to Paris so when we do we will give you a call!
Willa & Dave Bomgaars
Summit, New Jersey

Thank you again for helping us plan and experience a trip of a lifetime! Even the kids enjoyed it…
Stefanie Dubrose
Bonjour Lisa,
My husband and I had a wonderful time in Paris. I wanted to stay on, but alas we had to return home. We will be back though. All of your assistance in organising the days for us was greatly appreciated. We saw things that we would have missed in Paris without your suggested places to visit.
Thank you so much for sharing your favourite places in your city; and I can truly understand why you love Paris so much. I am on Facebook and made the connection to Your Paris Experience.
Thank you again and I am sure you will hear from me sometime in the future.
My very best regards,
Eileen Shanbrom
Westerville, Ohio

Thank you again for all of the restaurant recommendations and reservations, the plush robes, and organising our tour with Antoinette. With your help, we had a fabulous time in Paris!
Neel Baumgardner
Austin, Texas

I just wanted to let you know how thankful we are for all of your hard work to make our honeymoon so special. The trip was fantastic and we had a wonderful time, thanks in large part to your hard work. London and Dublin were great, but nothing compares to Paris. I can see why you love it so much! Cristine is hooked on Paris and can’t wait to go back now. We may speak to you again in a year or so!
By the way, please let us know if you ever decide to take a trip to New Orleans. We would love to actually meet you and show you around our city one day.
Thanks again,
Adam and Cristine Lambert
New Orleans, Louisiana

Hi Lisa,
I wanted to extend my sincere thanks for taking care of our cooking class arrangements while in Paris. We had an absolute blast, everyone at La Cuisine was very accommodating, and Diane was fantastic. It was fun to learn from somebody like Diane who spoke fluent English, yet knew all of the amazing French cooking techniques and taught us how to make an amazing French meal. We will be making the menu soon to share with our Friends and Family. And the price was really reasonable, we’ll do it again next time we are there.
Thank you!
Sara and Nic Corbett
Portland, Oregon

Bonjour Lisa,
We have just arrived home and I wanted to thank you for organizing our Anniversary dinner and New Years Eve. We all had a wonderful time! Paris was a great experience. The apartment was perfect, as was the location.
Thank you so much for all your assistance.
Debra Cross

Dear Lisa,
Myself and my family cannot thank you enough for arranging my Uncle Jim’s last trip to Paris. It was comforting to know that everything was in your hands. My Uncle who usually relishes planning every detail of his fabulous European vacations was just unable to since he was so weak from the chemo therapy. Your organization, mixed with your kindness and attention to the smallest detail, really made his last hoorah! a trip to remember for him, my Aunt Margie and my mother.
The sunset boat trip down the river was just one of the highlights, but arranging to have a birthday cake for my Aunt – surprising EVERYONE including my Uncle – words cannot describe how you made them all feel. Thank you! In his last days he spoke so fondly of not only his trip but of you and your thoughtfulness. I can’t thank you enough for all that you did. You go above and beyond and obviously care about your clients! A simple thank you does not seem enough!
Georgia Meyers
Minneapolis, Minnesota