Hi Lisa,
We finally arrived home in time for Christmas with the extended family.
Thank you for your help in planning our trip. All of the services you arranged for us went off without a hitch and we believe they enriched our experience of Paris.
We are agreed that the day we spent with Diane and Eric was the standout. Diane put a great deal of effort into the time she spent in the kitchen with our daughters Kate and Maddie. We enjoyed a delightful lunch. Eric was a charming host. A very good time was had by all!
Thank you again,
Regards from
Bronwyn Cowan
We are back in Mexico after a wonderful experience in Paris. I just want you to know that our trip exceeded our expectations and that we had a great time. The instructions were easy to follow and complete, and we were expected everywhere we were told to go.
The highlights are too numerous to mention but everyone that you set up to see that we had fun were most thorough and professional. The restaurants were magnificent and we really had fun at them all, especially memorable is Aux Vieux d’Arcole. We met chef Christian Constant and enjoyed his places very much and the Il Vino d’Enrico Bernardo was great fun too. The trip to London came off without a hitch as well.
Best regards,
We had a wonderful time in Paris and we enjoyed the restaurants. Our favourites were Le Christine, Chez l’Ami Jean and Café Constant (who wouldn’t like “head of veal” – brains, tongue and face). Special mention, though, goes to Les Bouquinistes de Guy Savoy. They knew you had sent us, gave us a table at the front window facing Notre Dame and served delicious food. I will not forget the pigeon with foie gras, which I thought would be cut into pieces and service with foie gras on the side. But no. The meat had been cut from the bird, mixed with foie gras and shaped into a patty like a hamburger, then encased in puff pastry. It was served with a stock reduction and chanterelle mushrooms. Fantastic.
Thank you for all your help; we will let you know when we return to one of our favourite cities.
Philip Schneider
Bonjour Lisa,
It was an amazing week thanks to all of your wonderful help and recommendations! One of our best days was the Fat Tire Bike Tours bicycle tour to Versailles – PERFECT family activity. I don’t know who enjoyed it more – us or the kids! Billy, our tour guide, was AWESOME!!!! Leo was also very lovely and we enjoyed our time with her at the Louvre.
I am happy to ‘Like’ your page on Facebook and will readily recommend you to any friends we have travelling to Paris!
Thanks again for helping make our trip so memorable!!
Kim Chapple
Hi Lisa!
Thank you! Everything was really great – the days that you had planned for us were interesting and kept us very busy. We had a couple of days where we couldn’t get through everything (one because we took a detour and went to the top of the Eiffel Tower in the morning!) but all the places we did visit were well worth the trip. The restaurants were very nice as well and we were very glad that you had made the reservations for us once the end of the day came!
I will definitely recommend your company to anyone I know who is planning a trip over there – I know a few families already who are waiting to hear how our trip went with the kids!
Thanks again for all your help!
Dear Lisa,
I am so sorry that I have note written to thank you for your marvelous help on our trip to Paris. I am sure you have forgotten by now, but we will always remember our wonderful time and the great things that you made happen for us.
The apartment was perfect for our girls trip (mother, daughter and two granddaughters). Our guide to the Louvre was just perfect and Michael did a superb job taking us to the Loire Valley (when we changed our itinerary that am) he made the trip so perfect as if he had done it daily.
My granddaughters will forever remember this trip and that is what I had hoped for. Sorry to be so late in my comments but things have been hectic since my return. I do not do Facebook but will always be happy to give you the highest recommendation possible.
Have a lovely summer and hopefully I can return this time with some of my lady friends.
Margaret (Peggy) Williamson
Excerpt from the Your Paris Experience Facebook Page:
Have been home for about a month and am finally taking the time to write. Lisa arranged some really unique experiences for us this time. Underground of the Eiffel Tower, Josephine and Napoleon walk (lots of fun on the walk with Leontine, our guide), private guide to Giverny and Normandy. Just the car service back to the airport the day we left for home was great. Pascal knew how to get around all of the traffic jams and he took us right to the American Airlines counter. Worth every Euro!
Having Lisa available to email while we were in Paris to recommend restaurants and just ask questions was fantastic. I highly recommend her concierge service.
Mary Ricketts
Dear Lisa,
Thank you so much for the fantastic job you did helping us plan our Spring Break in Paris. As this was the first time we visited the City of Light, and the first time my daughters crossed the Atlantic and visited the European Continent, we wanted to make sure it was a trip they would remember, fondly, for a lifetime. Mission accomplished!
As someone who has travelled extensively, both for business and for pleasure, I have worked with many travel professionals. I have been blessed with the opportunity to visit some of the world’s most significant historical sites, dine at some of the most exclusive restaurants and stay at some of the most fabulous resorts and hotels. So, I came to you with very high expectations for the trip we planned together.
First, I want to thank you for the approach you took to setting up our trip. You asked the right questions, took the time to listen – really listen – and worked hard to discover my family’s specific interests. It was refreshing to work with someone who truly wanted to design an experience tailored specifically for us. That has not always been my experience with Concierge Service.
Second, thank you for the way you managed the details. There was clearly far more to see and do in and around Paris than we could manage in the 7 days we were there. Without your help we would have missed a lot. It is easy to get overwhelmed in a place with so much to explore and discover. This was quite a unique experience for me with the level of detail you delivered. Instead of setting up the major sightseeing activities and providing dinner reservations, you gave us so much more. The inside information you gave us on the neighborhoods around our apartment, and nearby on the places you knew we would be visiting each day – along with either walking directions and information on nearby Metro stops – was invaluable!
Finally, thank you so much for being accessible to us (even early in the morning!) during our trip when we needed you.
Lisa, it has been my experience that there are very few true professionals in this world. You are clearly one of them, and I feel fortunate that I had your help in planning what turned out to be one of the most fantastic vacation experiences my family has shared. I will certainly recommend you very highly to anyone I know who is planning to visit Paris!
Warm personal regards,
Mark E. Platt, President & C.E.O. Multistack LLC Sparta, WI
I wanted to drop you a note and say thank you for your knowledge and assistance with our trip of a lifetime. Your suggestions were excellent. Everything went smoothly using your Gold Concierge Service and your plan was A+. We had a fantastic time and you certainly have my recommendation.
Leontine was a tremendous guide for our trip to Versailles. It made a huge difference in our experience. We just clicked as a group. We managed to rent a golf cart for a trip around the gardens and back. I can’t imagine doing a trip to Versailles without her.
The tour of Vimy was excellent. As a Canadian it was a sobering experience. Terry was a great guide.
In both cases, it was a pleasure to meet and work with people who live and work in Paris and the area. The airport transfers went without a hitch. Everyone was on time and the drivers were very pleasant and professional. I can understand when you use their services.
I was quite pleased with the Paris Perfect people as well. The apartment was excellent. I can’t imagine staying in Paris any other way.
Overall the trip was fantastic for us and I don’t think we would have had the experiences we had without your planning and assistance.
Thank you again,
Ken Malec, Windsor, Ontario
Good morning Lisa,
We had a wonderful visit to Paris and much of our enjoyment was thanks to your accomplished arrangements. Dinner at each of the restaurants we selected and you reserved tables for, was a wonderful and very special experience. Le Chateaubriand was very hip and the food was so interesting and good. Taillevent was a night to remember – the beautiful setting, unmatched attention to detail, and the food! L’Atelier du Joel Robuchon – so very impressive and one of our most memorable meals.
We will recommend your very accommodating service to everyone we know who travels to Paris!
Ann (last name requested withheld)
Hi Lisa,
We had an amazing time in Paris! Thank you for all of your suggestions. We were able to see most of what you had put in our itinerary. We at so many good meals, but had to cancel Guy Savoy. One of our favourite places for lunch was by the Louvre, La Petit Machon. Tell your clients to for there for a late lunch after a morning of art, it was wonderful. We also had a few nice meals at the Christian Constant cafe and restaurant just down the street. We ate pastries at Fauchon, La Duree and Gerald Murot. We thought Gerard Murot was overall the best.
Our tour to Normandy was excellent, as was Philippe. The apartment and people of Paris Perfect made the trip most enjoyable.
All around one of our best family vacations.
Thanks again,
Privacy requested
Bonjour Lisa,
We had an absolutely wonderful time in Paris! We so appreciated all of your help and assistance with our reservations and plans. Sunday, we had a marvelous time in the Marais (at your suggestion) and truly wished we had more time to explore this fascinating area. We managed to do some excellent shopping in the Marais and loved Musee Carnavalet.
We enjoyed every dining experience you recommended and were treated very nicely as well, especially at Les Bouquinistes de Guy Savoy on our last evening.
I have forwarded all of your information to my friends who are travelling to Paris, suggesting that you will be extremely helpful with making all the necessary arrangements.
I hope to get back to Paris soon as it is such a lovely place.
All the best,
Wendy Strang
Bonjour Lisa,
Thank you for your follow up email, that was kind of you. I am sorry that I have no dealings with Facebook or LinkedIn. However, I will HIGHLY recommend you and your company to anyone I know travelling to Paris.
First, let me say I LOVE MY HAIRCUT AND COLOR that you arranged for me @Elia Thierry Salon. What a fabulous experience!
Second, let me say that my brothers and I very much enjoyed the tour to Normandy. The guide was personable, knowledgeable and caring. Now that we have made the trip we realise it would have been impossible to do on our own. We also had a fantastic lunch in Arromanches with the group.
Please feel free to share my comments with any clients. What’s not to love about a week in Paris??? My “Happy Place” on the planet.
A bientot et merci,
Kindest regards,
Bonnie Curry Whitehead