Concierge Services

Loft Parisien

There is so much benefit in working with a person who has the knowledge, passion for the city and the contacts to put your trip together in a concise and efficient way. Paris is such a magnificent city to experience and if you work with the right person, you will see and experience a City of Light you have always dreamed of.

What questions do you have about Paris? Do you have any apprehensions, and if you do – what are they? Because the person you hire to construct the critical elements of your dream vacation needs to understand what each and every hope, desire, fear and anxiety you have is. It is that simple.

I offer two different levels of concierge service for your consideration:

Your Paris Experience - Gold Concierge Service

Gold Service

If you are seeking a trip to the City of Light with every detail handled before, as well as during, your stay in Paris our Gold Concierge Service will suit you well.

Your Paris Experience - Silver Concierge Service

Silver Service

The Silver Concierge Service is a comprehensive concierge service that begins well before you travel and continues throughout your time in Paris. I handle the details so you can enjoy your trip!