Gold Concierge Service Paris - The Louvre Pyramid

If you are seeking a trip to the City of Light with every detail handled before, as well as during, your stay in Paris our Gold Concierge Service will suit you well.

Gold Concierge Service Overview: Begins with a phone consultation, personal meeting upon arrival, every detail handled from arrival to departure. When we meet we will bring your itinerary, as well as museum passes, tickets, etc. We will go through your itinerary with you to ensure there are no questions, orientation tour of neighbourhood and Paris.

**Should you require assistance with hotel/apartment booking I am happy to assist you through this service and handle your reservations. I am an independent affiliate and Luxury Travel Advisor of Cadence Travel Management, a Virtuoso travel agency. I have excellent relationships in Paris with the top hotels and can arrange for some very special amenities for your stay.

We handle every detail of your time in Paris… from arrival to departure: car service, restaurant/tour reservations, museum/metro tickets, and the best opera/ballet tickets – anything you want for your trip. We have everything ready and waiting for you when you arrive to your apartment or hotel.

Lisa will call you at your home or office and this is priceless time for you to work together. Together you will work through Paris site by site, and your time here day by day. After the consultation Lisa will put together your itinerary – fully detailed. Your itinerary is full of information that you can use as much as a guide as an agenda and it will be sent to you in plenty of time before you travel so we can revise accordingly to make sure the trip you are taking the exact one you want.

We will meet you the day you arrive in Paris and bring your itinerary (no more traveling loaded down with paper!). Together we will work through any questions you have so you can begin your vacation in Paris relaxed and without stress. After going through the itinerary we will head out for an orientation to the City of Light. We cover everything from the area you are staying, how the metro works and how you navigate Paris efficiently. Only when you have your bearings and feel ready to roll do we leave you to it…not a moment sooner. Time is your most valuable asset when you are on vacation and we will work very hard to make sure you do not lose a moment!

Please note service retained within three weeks of travel date will be subject to an additional expedited itinerary fee.

For further information and details on this service please feel free to contact us online.

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