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To be able to share the greatest museum in the world with your children is a true gift to them which is why The Louvre Treasure Hunt is the perfect family day out. And an even greater gift is to have a private guide accompany your family, a guide who is focused solely on engaging the children – from youngsters to teens – and igniting the flame of interest in art and in art history.

There are countless treasures in the Louvre that millions of people wander past every year. Treasures children revel in discovering, hidden treasures that are only revealed through the eyes of a guide who has studied the works so precisely, a guide who has made her/his career out of knowing the intimate stories behind the works so they can bring them to life in a dynamic way that keeps kids and adults alike engaged and interested in these magnificent works of art.

A very nice touch to this tour is that your guide will meet you directly at your hotel/apartment and escort your family to the Louvre. With this said, by the time you arrive at the Louvre the guide has a wonderful rapport with the children and no one is shy or timid with her; rather everyone is relaxed and very excited to tour the museum.

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