The Equestrian Chateau de Versailles

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If you love all things equestrian, artistic and wonderfully eccentric you really cannot get much better than a private tour of the Grandes Écuries of the Equestrian Chateau de Versailles.

The stables were originally built in 1679 (and finished in 1683) to house the King’s 500 horses, there were both smaller and large stables built on the grounds of the Chateau de Versailles.

The history of the stables is terrific and this private tour allows you to see the Grandes Écuries in a genuinely interesting way thanks to the exceptional use of the building to house the Academy of Equestrian Arts.

The Academy of Equestrian Arts was founded in 2003 by a gentleman by the name of Bartabas. The stables had fallen into disuse when he saw the potential for a specialized academy focusing on the art of all things equestrian, as well as other disciplines that promote a well rounded, if not avant-garde approach to dressage and performance. Bartabas brought these royal stables back to life with gorgeous Lusitano horses trained to perform at a level of equestrian art rarely seen today.
The Grandes Écuries is what you will tour where you will see the stables of the 30 horses who perform with the Academy of Equestrian Arts in Versailles, as well as all over Europe. Tour the stables, see the tack room, wander through the performance hall (where you will have tickets to return to for a performance should you so wish!) and wrap it all up with a glass of champagne in the Salon Nuño Oliveira overlooking the Chateau de Versailles.

This is tour is truly special and the access you are granted is very rare and privileged. What an exceptional way to spend and hour in Versailles!

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