Private Bell Tower of Notre Dame

Your Paris Experience - Private Bell Tower of Notre Dame

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This tour is absolutely brilliant! Imagine climbing the bell tower of Notre Dame without waiting a moment in line…not one. There is something truly special about being in the bell tower after hours to enjoy the stunning panoramic view of Paris, completely in private, with your own personal guide. And, what is really lovely is that you are in no rush to leave once you have reached the summit – there is no 5-minute limit to take in the view…take it in and enjoy it because this is truly one of those moments that will take your breath away!
Not only is this tour amazing for the private access and view, it is also a spectacular experience to have your private guide explain the incredible history of this spectacular UNESCO World Heritage Site that is over 800 years old. There is so much interesting history of Notre Dame and learning the story of its origin through to modern day. Well, let’s just say it is so very Victor Hugo!

This tour is truly one for the memory books!

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