Gourmet Experiences of Paris


Luxury Picnic in Paris

If you’re looking for THE ultimate romantic experience in Paris, a gourmet Parisian picnic in the park is for you! Chef Kent will work with you to create a unique dinner menu, and the picnic will be set up with pillows, l.e.d. candles and romantic French music


Elegant Dinner Cruise

There is something truly enchanting about gliding along the Seine with the City of Light providing a dramatic backdrop to your dinner. If you are looking to enjoy a romantic evening in Paris a dinner cruise on the Seine in Paris is a luxurious consideration


Gourmet and Secret Wine Bar Experience

This tour will show you the classic wineries forgotten in time and still loved and frequented by the locals since after the war. Where locals are taking in the old-world ambiance of having their favourite…


Exclusive Chocolate and Patisserie Tour

This is not just looking into chocolate boutiques and bakeries and buying a few chocolates here and there. This tour includes privileged visits and exclusive behind-the-scenes of a number of renowned places in Paris.


Cheese & Foie Gras Tasting

France is a country of endless seasonal cheese and there is no greater pleasure than to spend an afternoon sampling them! Discover charming open-air markets amongst ancient streets and step into one…


The Luxury of a Private Chef

If you are staying in an apartment and are looking to enjoy a luxurious evening in after a wonderful day of sightseeing… capping it off with a gourmet meal prepared by a private chef – this can be arranged…


The Montmartre Moveable Feast

The Montmartre Moveable Feast is a tour that combines three restaurant stops, where we will eat an entrée (appetizer) of charcuterie and fromage, a plat (main course), and a dessert. All plates are paired with appropriate wines and cider…


Cooking Classes

What better way to experience Parisian cuisine that take a cooking class in the city itself. Learn from professionals themselves, who will guide you through cooking some of the very best of French cuisine! A charming restaurant offering…


Champagne Tasting in Paris

Our Champagne Tasting will take you to a warm ambiance of a 13th Century wine cellar, Preston will teach you that not all Champagnes are created equally. You will sample only the best of what is to offer, produced by small family run firms who grow their own…


Wine Tasting in the Loire Valley

If you can imagine a day so entirely focused on the the pleasure of not only drinking amazing wine, but truly learning about it and understanding it – from root to glass – then you absolutely have to consider this terrific day out of Paris…


Just Discovering Wine…

Ah, but a French wine tastings is a bit of a must do while you are in Paris if you enjoy wine. It is truly interesting to learn about wine and if you are just discovering the elegance of wine, learning about the bouquet and terroir, then there is nothing more lovely…


The World of Grand Crus

Taking your enjoyment of wine to the next level is where the grand wines of France come into play. Sit, relax and taste some of the best wines in France and learn about the complexity of their making and what defines a truly fine wine…