There are tours in Paris to sample chocolate and patisseries along the way; and then there is this experience!

This is not just looking into chocolate boutiques and bakeries and buying a few chocolates here and there. This tour includes privileged visits and exclusive behind-the-scenes of a number of renowned places in Paris.

You will have the rare privilege to walk through the gourmet world of Paris, visiting a small private chocolate boutique and taste with a master chocolatier. You will also visit his atelier (one of the last remaining ateliers in Paris to make chocolate on site of the boutique). And, depending on the time of the year, you will get to see how these exquisite chocolates are made in his tiny workshop.
You will also visit a wonderful patisserie and boulangerie, going into the kitchens and watching the teams make their exquisite cakes, pastries and breads, especially their famous fougasse (stuffed savory breads) -You even get to make your very own baguette! The tour continues from gourmet shop to gourmet shop and finishes downstairs at a wonderful bakery using 17th century ovens and watching how their unique bread is made.

The history of the neighbourhoods and chocolate and bread making over the centuries will be recounted along the way, creating a most unique touring experience – and you get to leave with your very own baguette!

For further information and details on this experience please feel free to contact Lisa online.

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