Historical Neighbourhood Tours


Jewish Immersion Tour

This tour is off the charts incredible to experience! There are so many intriguing factors to discover when discussing the culture and history of the Jewish community through the ages. This tour left me silent with contemplation from all I learned and I cannot recommend it enough…


Occupation of Paris

The Occupation and Liberation of Paris Walk will take you through the events of 1944 and what happened before, during and after the Liberation. All aspects are covered; women and life in Paris during the Liberation, the daily events happening in Paris, the Resistance, the military highlights…


French Revolution Walk

Relive the momentous French Revolution, the uprising of the sans-culottes, the introduction of the guillotine, the Reign of Terror years under Robespierre, the rise of Napoleon and learn how the Revolution shaped Paris as it is today. Retrace Marie Antoinette’s last journey…


Le Père Lachaise

Le Père Lachaise is the world’s most famous cemetery with tightly packed tombs, cobbled lanes and tree-lined streets – a small city of the dead. See where the medieval lovers Heloise and Abelard were finally lain to rest in 1817 after lying in the same coffin for two hundred years…


Napoléon and Josephine

This walk traces those parts of the lives of Napoléon and Josephine that are still to be found on the streets and in the quartiers of present day Paris. Follow in the footsteps of Napoléon’s youth as he rose above the ranks to become the most famous military person in French history


Architectural and Heritage Tour

Throughout a guided tour, visitors are invited to discover the heritage of the famous department store: the main hall, the neo-byzantine dome, the roof terrace… In 1893, two cousins, Théophile Bader and Alphonse Kahn decided to open a novelty store at the corner of…