If you love jewellery and truly appreciate artisan craftsmanship, then there is nothing more incredible than visiting the private atelier of a multi-generational jewellery in Paris. It is with this experience that you are granted privileged access not only to their boutique, but to their private atelier where every single piece of jewellery is made by hand.

This type of rare access will take your trip to Paris to the next level in terms of experience. You will get to see precisely how a piece of jewelry is made in the traditional French way. How the making of a ring starts, from design to the finished piece, and every step between. It really is an honor.

To experience the enthusiasm and absolute love of the craft that this private multi-generational family invests in every single masterpiece they create is infectious. You honestly will never look at jewelry the same ever again after spending two hours learning the craft of jewelry making!

For further information and details on this experience please feel free to contact me online.

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