Themed Neighbourhood Tours


Art Nouveau and Architecture

Discover the architectural highlights in this diverse Paris neighborhood. The walk begins at your hotel which then heads over to a district where the buildings are diverse and distinctly unique to Paris. Art Nouveau, Art Deco, Le Corbusier…


The Absinthe Trail: Village of Montmartre

This is such a fun tour and a terrific way to experience Montmartre! Your tour begins at the ‘I Love You’ wall and away you go… You will stroll through the quaint streets, working your way through the beautiful Village Montmartre


19th Century Covered Passages

Housing cafés, theaters, shops and apartments, the arcades of Palais Royal during the 17th century became a meeting place for people from all walks of life. But what was hidden behind those façades? The cafes saw pre-revolutionary…


The Lost Villages of Paris

A truly ‘off-the-beaten track’ tour takes you through an area of Paris very rarely visited by tourists. Discover the “lost village” of Belleville, a colourful multi-ethnic neighbourhood famous for its artists, hidden ateliers and garden paths…


St Germain-des-Prés

Explore the ancient abbey of St Germain-des-Prés, charming art galleries, old squares, fabulous home décor shops, literary cafés (the post-war intellectual hangouts, the birthplace of existentialism), the famous Beaux Art, hidden medieval streets…


19th Century Courtesans

Visit an exceptional and rare hôtel particulier (private mansion), once designed and owned by one of the most outrageous 19th century courtesans. Wander through the rooms where one of the greatest courtesans entertained the elite…