This is such a terrific area of Paris to explore!

A truly ‘off-the-beaten track’ tour takes you through an area of Paris very rarely visited by tourists. Discover the “lost village” of Belleville, a colourful multi-ethnic neighbourhood famous for its artists, hidden ateliers and garden paths. Discover why the neighbourhood was called “the coupe gueule” the “cut throats”. Its history steeped in the proud working class settling there during the time of Haussmann’s wrecking ball, annexing an area famous for its “guinguettes” (country dance cafés) and small family workshops crafting shoes, mattresses, furniture, glass blowing, etc.

Wander through the passages and cobbled streets of Upper and Lower Belleville and visit where the iconic Edith Piaf was born, as well as her friend, the charming Maurice Chevalier.

See the whimsical street art (graffiti) and artists’ squats and visit a local atelier along the way. See where famous films where shot by the avant-guarde directors of the 1950s and 1960s and discover the street life made legendary by photographers Robert Doisneau and Willy Ronin.

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