Unique Paris

The city of Paris has as vast range of unique experiences waiting for you to try out! 

Your Paris Experience - Paris Street Art Tour

Paris Street Art Tour

This tour is, without a doubt, one of the most culturally intellectual tours I have come across in a long time. Hosted in a more off beat part of Paris, you will see the best of the street art in the City of Light and really understand what these works…

Your Paris Experience - Secret Artisans of Paris

Secret Artisans of Paris

The Secret Artisans of Paris tour is incredible! There is an area in Paris that is rarely explored by tourists… Explore quaint passages, back alleys and courtyards covered in rambling ivy where local artisans…

Your Paris Experience - Paris Photo Workshop

Paris Photo Workshop

A photo speaks a thousand words – why not capture your special moments in the very best of ways with our Paris Photo Workshop! This quirky and unique tour offers budding photographers and experienced photographers…

Your Paris Experience - Exclusive Private Eiffel Tower Tour

Paris Noir

Walk in the footsteps of the Harlem Hellfighters (the most decorated regiment during World War I), the jazz clubs of Montmartre (named in the 1920s Harlem de Montmartre), Josephine Baker…