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Lisa Buros-Hutchins

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My name is Lisa Buros-Hutchins and I am an American who came to Paris many years ago with a dream of living ‘la vie parisienne’. I admit it was a bit of a leap, not speaking French or knowing a soul, however I have always been absolutely fascinated by Paris and there was simply no place else I wanted to be.

Fast forward some years and I managed to make a wonderful life and some pretty fabulous friends.  I picked up the language, as well as worked my way up to running one of the largest English-speaking tourist companies in Europe, specializing in Paris.

Fast forward a few more years and I met and married Gary Hutchins, an English guitar designer. I stepped down from the company I was running and moved to England. Then, I entered the most incredible world of private prestige travel,always keeping my love and enthusiasm for Paris. It truly is an amazing world!

In 2014 I signed on to become the first international independent affiliate of one of the top Virtuoso travel agencies in America. With this new venture I am now handling every aspect of my client’s travel to Paris and the world, from flights and hotel/apartment arrangements to tours and itinerary planning. As well, now I am helping my previous clients with whom I have built incredible relationships through their travel to Paris with their travels around the world to other amazing global destinations from safaris to cruises and everything in between.

I honestly cannot estimate the number of people I have worked with through the years across a very broad spectrum of Paris tourism – but I can tell you no two clients are ever alike. With what I am so fortunate to get to do for a living, taking my knowledge and absolute love of Paris into the private sector… well, it really doesn’t get any better than this.

The one facet of my job I most enjoy is talking with my clients as we work through the City of Light, layer by layer. There is nothing more gratifying than to hear their excitement start to rise as they begin to realise the trip they have been dreaming of is very much within reach.

This Grande Dame offers so much to all who choose to visit her, and there is truly no better feeling than to work with my clients and know that when they leave this magnificent city they will love it just as much as I do.

I look forward to helping you with your trip!

Lisa Buros-Hutchins, CTA

Certified Travel Advisor

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