Throughout a guided tour, visitors are invited to discover the heritage of the famous department store: the main hall, the neo-byzantine dome, the roof terrace…

In 1893, two cousins, Théophile Bader and Alphonse Kahn decided to open a novelty store at the corner of Lafayette and Chausée d’Antin in the active shopping district near the Opera.

The excellent location of the store in the heart of an active shopping quarter brought a large clientele each day; expansion was unavoidable.

The award-winning architect Georges Chedanne was commissioned to design the new layout of the new expansion, where the hodgepodge of merchandise and departments was intended to drive customers into a buying frenzy!

This top Parisian attraction has become a crossroads of artistic trends since the beginning of the 20th century, seeing over 100,000 people a day walk through the doors. The Architectural and Heritage tour is the perfect way to explore what lies beneath the brand name designers and luxury brands, to learn about the stunning heritage of Galeries Lafayette.

Guided tours are available upon request.

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