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The Secret Artisans of Paris tour is incredible! There is an area in Paris that is rarely explored by tourists… Explore quaint passages, back alleys and courtyards covered in rambling ivy where local artisans still perfect their crafts: cabinetmakers, carpenters, gilders, marquetry inlayers, upholsterers and bronze workers. Discover the history of these artisan ateliers who have been here since the 15th century and learn about how one is dubbed a “Living Treasure” by the French government.

You will also wander through a vibrant covered food market with its origins dating back to the 12th century. This terrific market offers a colorful explosion of spices, truffle oils, tapenades, fresh produce, cheeses and flowers making for a lovely break in a very full tour.

You will visit various ateliers along the way and experience the spectrum of true talent and centuries old traditions as they come alive in this touring experience. On this tour you have the privilege to see ateliers that have been in families for generations…it is truly an incredible thing to see, experience and learn about.

For further information and details on this experience please feel free to contact me at: Lisa@yourparisexperience.com

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