I have spent countless hours riding my bicycle through the streets of Paris and I can tell you there is truly nothing like discovering Paris on a bicycle – it can be magical…and don’t let the traffic intimidate you. A fun and terrific tour group of 20 people on bikes is much like a moving SUV and bigger than anything else you’ll encounter on the streets! I have had the great pleasure to work with Fat Tire Bike Tours – Paris for over 10 years in one facet or another and I can honestly say there is no other company quite like it.

Fat Tire Bike Tours has safely led over 150,000 people through the City of Light to unmatched success. They offer a wide variety of tours to consider, which cover the heart of Paris in a fun, active and very entertaining way. Now in the 15th year of operating in Paris it is safe to say Fat Tire Bike Tours has established itself as a powerhouse of active tourism in Paris

Paris by Day or Night Bicycle Tours are absolutely terrific to take part in. There is almost no overlap from one tour to the other so you are assured a great and thorough experience of Paris should you choose to do both. However, if you are new to Paris and want to get an excellent overview of the city, then definitely take the Paris by Day bicycle tour on your first or second day in Paris and you will come away with an excellent orientation to the City of Light! Tours price from €30,00 per person for a 4-hour tour.

You can reserve direct with FTBT here for the Paris by Day Bike Tour or here for the Paris by Night Bike Tour.

Fat Tire Bike Tours also offers excellent guided tours to the Chateau de Versailles, as well as Monet’s Gardens in Giverny.
Please click here for further information on the tour to Versailles
 and here for Monet’s Gardens.

Contact Lisa at online should you have any questions regarding the tours or for assistance with reservations.

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