This tour is, without a doubt, one of the most culturally intellectual tours I have come across in a long time. Hosted in a more off beat part of Paris, you will see the best of the street art in the City of Light and really understand what these works represent to the artists who created them.

Take everything you ever thought you knew about graffiti and street art and throw it out the window because this tour will change how you look at street art forever.
In fact, do you know the difference between graffiti and street art? Because I can honestly tell you I didn’t before I took this tour.
Your private guide takes you to the heart of the street art scene in Paris – and a bit beyond which is what makes this experience so truly unique in Paris.

What makes this tour so incredible is that your guide knows many of the street artists in Paris and this lends immeasurable authenticity to the experience of not just looking at the pieces, but understanding what it is the artist is trying to communicate through their works.
This tour will enlighten anyone who takes it – and your guide’s intimate knowledge of the Paris street art scene is what takes this urban and cultural tour completely to the next level.. This 3-hour tour is truly a one of a kind experience in Paris!
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