If you can imagine a day so entirely focused on the the pleasure of not only drinking amazing wine, but truly learning about it and understanding it – from root to glass – then you absolutely have to consider this terrific day out of Paris.

I have done so many wine tastings over the years that it is difficult to find one that stands out in exception above the rest – and this day in the Loire Valley does! You will take the morning train from Gare Montparnasse to the Loire Valley where you are picked up by your hosts and taken to their incredibly charming and quaint home in the French countryside.

You will spend the morning with Cathy learning the amazing craft of making wine: everything from how the vines are cultivated to what the real definition of the A.O.C. and emerging A.O.P. means in regards to the standards this places on the growers. The morning passed by too quickly if you ask me because it is such a pleasure to learn so many things I had never thought to realize when it comes to wine making. …and, mais oui, you definitely taste your way through the Loire Valley with this presentation!
There is a beautiful lunch in Cathy and Nigel’s home – in the sun on their garden terrace – and then you spend the afternoon touring a 15th century chateau that grows and produces its very own wine. You will tour the chateau, but more importantly you will walk among the vines with Nigel, who has an expertise in agriculture specialized for wine growing, so he can show you and explain to you all you learned about during your morning tasting. And, mais oui, you taste some incredible wines here as well!

All in all, this day cannot really be called a ‘wine tasting’ trip. Whilst you do taste a lot of incredible wine…and it flows with the lunch as well… it is really what you take away from this day. The knowledge you gain will forever change how you think about the next great bottle of wine you have the pleasure of drinking!!

For further information and details on this experience please feel free to contact Lisa online.

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